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The fifth issue of the magazine “Club 33,6 million”.

In new issue:

Guest of the issue: Nina Usatova: «Speaking about the dearest…»

Quiz: What can modern grandmother give to her grandchildren?

I am not indifferent: Svetlana Sorokina: Charity as an easy way to become a person

Women, changing the world: Dialog of generations

Success formulaKarin Lann: secrets of success of female contact networking

Celebrity fate: Family happiness of Anna Kern

Pluses without minuses from Natalia Fisson: Autumn of life – this is not about you

Pension outlook: Questions and answers

Story of success: Galina Surkova: «I dreamed of a home maternity hospital»

Health inseparable from beautyOksana Volkova: Love yourself and be beautiful

Take care of men: How to keep husband’s health?

Reflections: Paradoxes and realities of image

Personal: Traps for women of post Balzak age

Visit: Lin Luder: Crisis as «roller-coaster»

The forth issue of the magazine “Club 33,6 million”.

In the forth issue:

Guest of the issue: Svetlana Kruchkova: has become brilliant with the increase of years!

“Club 33,6 million” “Women fun run”: everybody wins

Quiz: What to learn after 45 years?

Crisis as an opportunity: Road of changes

Society: Ludmila Kostkina: «All social programs of Saint-Petersburg are continuing their development»

Business: Elena Cereteli: «The crisis exposed advantages of small business»

Pension: Natalia Grishkevitsh: «How will pension increase?»

Story of success: Еkaterina Belyakova: «The best age for woman’s carrier is over 45»

Health inseparable from beautyOsteoporosis: “Fragile epidemic”

Near the mirror: Age is what I choose

Fashion: Dow Jones and the length of skirts

EtiquetteMaster class from Ivan Arcishevskij

Celebrity fate: Jeanne d’Arc did not perish in the flames?


The third issue of the magazine “Club 33,6 million”

In the third issue:

Guest of the issue: Natalia Fisson «Clowns have no age»

Quiz: How to keep high spirits in crisis?

ExaminationHow do women and men living in Saint-Petersburg react on crisis?

Helpline«Hello» Speak, please. I am listening…

Crisis as an opportunity

PensionQuestions and answers about pensions

Event: President of the Republic of Chile Mishel Bachelet: “I invaded into the world of men!”

Story of success: Liudmila Kuleshova: “Hurry to do good!”

Formula of successBirgitta Hedenstedt“The art of cooking soup from an ax” (End)

Health: «Higher brain function and aging: Myths and Reality»

“Climax from a gastroenterologist’s point of view”

Kulture: «Loneliness online»

Janush Leon Vishnevskij: «Love is the shortest thing from all eternal»

Genrih Baranovskij: «Mature woman’s love is the best that the man can meet»

Valerij Soloviov: “If a woman has love, it means, she is happy”


The second issue of the magazine “Club 33,6 million”

In the third issue:

Guest of the issue: Тatiana Ustinova: «Happiness is only in your head …»

Quiz: 45+: age of new opportunities or time for summarizing

Status quoGender. Not to be confused with the tender

Labor Market: Maksim Stadnikov: «The financial crisis must have a beneficial influence on society»

Pension: Аnton Drozdov: «During the crisis period the government will support pension system»

Own business: Тatiana Azernikova: «A person is able to start own business at any age …»

Birgitta Hedenstedt: «The art of cooking soup from an ax»

Carrier: Employment during the crisis. Any chances?

Story of success: Liudmila Chubatuk «I wanted to work with no boss and no alarm clock»

Health and beauty: slim woman


Women are changing the world more actively. They conduct business successfully, they go to international markets, lead social organizations, occupy high positions in government. They do not start wars, they are changing the world for the better, make it more beautiful and more comfortable for life.

Who are women changing the world? What are they? What is the secret of their success? What are their ideas and views?

This topic is touched in the book. 22 successful women (11 russian women and 11 representatives of other countries) tell about themselves, about their ” formula of success”, share their experience in the field of practical marketing and branding, international business, cross-cultural communication, building contact networks of professional support. And, what is very important, self-development and personal branding. Because only working on yourself, improving yourself, you can improve the world.


The first issue of the magazine “Club 33.6 million is published. The name of the magazine reflects the fact, that 33.6 million women over 45 years old are living in Russia. Huge number! More than one-fifth of the population. This magazine is for them, for these women. 
The magazine provides information about everything – about work and family, health, travel, cars, Internet (how is it possible to live without it today?). Briefly, about everything that is interesting for middle-aged ladies … Special place in the magazine will be given to women’s clubs activities and to the network of professional support.

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