XX JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD”will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) on 14-15 November 2013with the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation For twenty years, on the initiative of the St. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute, the conference “Women Changing the World” gathers the female leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, heads of public organizations from the regions of Russia, the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltic states, European and Northern countries, the United States of America, Asia and Africa in order to provide an opportunity for governments and civil society to share experience in the implementation of projects aimed at the development of democracy and international humanitarian cooperation, and promote the development of professional and personal contacts, the purpose of the conference is the promotion of cooperation of professional women in various fields at the international and national levels.The main theme of the conference in 2013 m is “The Role of Women in Economic and Cultural Integration”. Partners in the organization of the conference are: Union of Women of Russia, Platform “Dialogue Europe-Asia “Yes”, All-Russian public organization “Society of Knowledge”.The tasks of the Conference are:

  • to gather the professionally active women from the regions of the Russian Federation, the near and far abroad,
  • to discuss conditions for their promotion to the level of decision-making in politics and economy,
  • to accelerate the development of the regional partnership,
  • to join forces to develop the strategies of development for small and medium business,
  • to introduce the innovative approaches in the field of business support and ensure the social stability of the society, as well as
  • to provide the opportunities for the Russian and international organization, to support projects in the gender equality sphere.

TThe Venue of the Conference: The Tauride Palace (47, Shpalernaya Str., Saint-Petersburg) Opening of the Conference will be held on November 14, 2013 at 10.00 am in the Hall of the Duma. In the frames of the conference there will be arranged International exhibition “Creative Women of the World”. At the exhibition will be presented unique experience of women – inventors, authors of innovations, heads of successful social and commercial projects. Conditions will be created for the establishment and development of the international and business contacts.

Conference fee is 250 Euro (VAT exempt), it includes participation in all events of the conference, the participant folder, translation, transportation during the conference, lunch, coffee break and Reception on behalf of the organizing committee, welcome cocktail and concert “Welcome to St. Petersburg” on November 13, 2013, participation in the opening of the exhibition “Creative Women of the World,” November 13, 2013

Contacts of the Institute: e-mail: interweb@iwm.spb.ru.

For participation in the conference please fill the form and send it on e-mail interweb@iwm.spb.ru

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