Draft program of the XX Jubilee Conference “Women Changing the World”

13 November, 2013





Registration of participants of conference

Registration of participants of conference

19-00-21 .00

Reception «Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!»
(Excursion on the halls of the Palace, Welcome cocktail)

Buses from the hotel «Oktyabrskaya» are departing at 18.00

Yusupov Palace (River Moyka Emb., 94)

14 November, 2013

Venue: Tauride Palace, Shpalernaya street, 47





  • Opening of the conference
  • Musical greeting Greetings from the officials

Duma Hall


First plenary session

  • Ms. Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko, The Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  • Ms. Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland (March 2000- February2012)
  • Ms. Roza Otunbaeva – former President of Kirgizstan (June 2010 – December 2011), Head and Founder International Public Foundation “Roza Otunbaeva Initiative” (Kirgizstan).

11.15- 12.00

Coffee break


Moderator: Ms. Elena Kalinina – Rector Saint-Petersburg social and economical institute, (Russia) 

  • Mr.Claes Borgström – Lawyer, former Equal Opportunity Ombudsman (2000-2007) (Sweden)
  • Ms.Petrina Haingura – Deputy-Minister of Health and Social Services, (Namibia);
  • Anneli Temmes – Managing Director HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management (Finland)
  • Jonina Bjartmarz – Former Minister for the Invironment and Nordic Cooperation Member of Alþingi, the Icelandic Parliament
  • Ms.Valentina Petrenko – Member of Council of Federation of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Committee on social policy(Russia);
  • Ms. Irina Sokolova – Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the fifth and sixth convocations, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on family, women and children. (Russia)


Opening of the photo-exhibition from the Swedish Institute “Puzzle of life”




Second plenary session

  • Ms. Lyudmila Shvetsova , the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Ms. Luisella Pavan-Wolf – Ambassador from the European Union to the Council of Europe


Panel discussion “WOMEN-LEADERS IN POLITICS AND ECONOMY” Moderator: Ms. Solvita Vevere – the Director of Social Integration Department, Ministry of Culture, ( Latvia). Participants:

  • Ms. Minna Arve – Chairman of the City Board of Turku (Finland);
  • Ms. Maria Machailo-Ellis – CEO Confederation of Commerce, Industry & Manpower, (Botswana);
  • Ms.Ekaterina Belyakova – Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Poland
  • Ms. Veronica de Klerk – Executive director Women’s Action for Development (WAD), (Namibia);
  • Ms. Johanna Ikäheimo – Chairman, Lappset Group Oy, International Federation of Business and Professional Women , (Finland)
  • Ms. Danah Zohar – the British physicist, philosopher, and management thought leader (Oxford, UK)


Closing of the first day of the conference Award of journalists – winners of the competition «Harmony equinox» (gender informing and education)



Catherine Hall Of The Taurida Palace


The work of the International exhibition «Creative women»

Catherine Hall Of The Taurida Palace

15 November, 2013





Third plenary session.

  • Ms. Olga Golodets, the Vice-Premier of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Ms. Gilda Farrell – Head of division of Social Cohesion, Research and Early Warning Division, Council of Europe

Taurida Palace (Dumsky Hall), Shpalernaya str. 47


Coffee break

Round-table discussion: “Combining of the Parental and Professional obligations: barriers and opportunities”. Moderators:

  • Ms .Ludmila Kostkina, Chairman of the permanent Commission on social policy and healthcare of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Ms. Carita Peltonen Director Expert on Nordic Gender Equality CaPe Consulting, Copenhagen, Denmark

Reading Hall


Panel discussion: “GENDER EQUALITY AND SOCIAL SECURITY” Moderator: Ms. Nika Strizhak – TV journalist, director and host of “Open Studio” (5th channel), (Russia) Partcicpants:

  • Ms.Ekaterina Lachova – Deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation, Head of the “Union of Women of Russia”;
  • Ms. Siiri Oviir – Member of European Parliament, former minister of Social Affairs of Estonia (1990 -1992, 2002-2003);
  • Ms.Rosalia Nghidinwa – Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, (Namibia);
  • Ms. Muriel de Saint-Sauveur– Diversity Director, International Agency Marketing & Communication Director,( France);
  • Ms. Orefitlhetse Masire – Founding Director of Career Diversity Company, (Botswana)
  • Mr. Thomas Gad , economist and marketer, one of the leading theorists of marketing, the founder of the theory of four-dimensional branding (Sweden)




Round-tables, Sections, Master-classes and Workshops

Tauride Palace, Shpalernaya street, 47

Thematic conference: «Problems of doing business» Moderators

  • Ms.Natalia G. Smirnova – Director of the Center for entrepreneurship support of the Saint-Petersburg social-economic Institute, the Chairman of Committee on development of small and medium business and the consumer market of the Leningrad region (2001-2013 year), Honored economist of Russian Federation (Russia)
  • Ms. Irina Panchenko – Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce of the Leningrad region (Russia)
  • Ms. Karin van Mourik – Entrepreneur, a member of the Board of the «Association of business women of Germany» (Germany)

Duma hall

Section “Family-oriented policy of enterprises: problems and experience of the best“. Leading :

  • Ms. Galina Kcheliksaeva- Deputy Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of the Russian Federation (Russia)

HALL # 9

Section “Harmony in the family = Harmony in the Sosciety” Leading:

  • Mr.Alexander Gogolkin – the leader of the movement «M21»,member of the coordinating Council on gender policy of Saint-Petersburg. (Russia)

HALL # 16

Seminar «Women in modern politics» Moderator:

  • Ms. Birgitta Wistrund – researcher at the Center for gender studies, University of Uppsala, Sweden)

HALL # 14

Workshop: “Development of leadership potential of women-leaders” Leading:

  • Ms. Christina Stenber – coach, mentor (Sweden)

HALL # 1


Round tables, section meetings, master-classes, seminars

Buses from Tavrichesky Palace leave at 14.00

Hotel «Oktyabrskaya» (Ligovsky Ave, 10)

Workshop :“The truth about trust – building and restoring trust in business, homes and communities” Leading:

  • Ms.Vanessa Hall (Australia)

Small Conference hall, 4th floor

Seminar : “Stress adaptation of women 45+” Moderators:

  • Ms.Alexanda Charles – President of the Club “1.6 million” (Sweeden
  • Professor Lidia Simbirtseva, Head of the NGO «Women’s Health in St. Petersburg» (Russia)

Fireplace hall, 5th floor

Workshop “Music and the Line of Life” Leading:

  • Ms. Irina Thaimanova – honored worker of arts of Russia.

Mirror hall, 5th floor

Masterclass “Quantum Leaders: The Science and Soul of Women’s Leadership”Leading:

  • Ms .Danah Zohar the psychologist, the philosopher, the coach in the field of personal growth (Oxford, UK)

Orlovsky Conference Hall, 2nd floor