The Club unites women over 45 years old. There are 33.6 million of us in Russia – that is where does the name of the club come from. During the century of cult of youth in modern Russia, the society is not interested in “middle-aged” women’s lives. It is very complicated for them to find a job, they do not show on TV, they seem not to exist. But we do exist, and there are a lot of us – almost a quarter of the population.

The idea of such club adopted in Sweden. In l998 Alexandra Charles started the 1.6 million Club to first and foremost raise awareness/spread information concerning women’s health and life issues and to vigorously lobby for fair, gender-based, health and medical research.

Women over 45 years old also want and are able to be professionally successful, cheerful, beautiful, free in the choice of life strategies, ways of self-development and self-realization.

«NO» to artificial age barriers and to the imposition of stereotyped social roles! «YES» to the policy of equal opportunities in all spheres of modern society Aims of the CLUB: To influence public opinion about the role of older women in society, to help creating conditions for their fulfillment in professional and social activities, to draw public attention to the need of creating special approaches to “older” women’s health issues.

Our club –

  • community of active, energetic women, interested in further development and improvement.
  • a place where you can meet, socialize, make new business contacts and forge friendship, share useful and interesting information, acquire new knowledge and skills.

We invite you to participate in panel discussions and thematic meetings, lectures and seminars, training sessions and outreach activities, to receive individual consultations of professionals.

The club was open and is working to ensure that everyone can choose for themselves what is interesting and necessary personally to him.

The club has established and will maintain a database of the Club – a network of professional contacts. “Club 33.6 million” – the ability to communicate, obtain information for reflection and making solutions, to develop in areas in which you want to develop, to spend time with interesting people and receive an appropriate charge for the realization of your plans and ideas

Our club is open. We invite young women and men, if they share our values and want to communicate with us.